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The Basic Guideline For Drum Heads Maintenance

Drum heads are also popularly known as the drum skins.
The most important preservation of any drum kit is proper maintenance of this part.
As a drummer, whether you are a professional or just a beginner, you should properly maintain the drum skins to extort a great sound out of the drum kit.
Thus, to heave out a grand sound as a drummer you should at regular intervals change the drum skins of the drum kit.
This change should be irrespectively carried out whether you play the drum regularly or not.
Since this part is the main striking point on a drum set, you as a drummer should keep it in tact and tight to get the best sound out of it.
When it is uniformly tight, the tension on the skin is throughout even.
As you strike on it, the tightness weakens and as this happens the tension changes.
In certain cases the weakening of the heads will lead a form a dent.
Sometimes the drum heads may even puncture when the hit is hard.
If all this still does not provide you with good reasons to go for a new one at regular intervals, then you should realize that once it becomes weak it is difficult for you to play the roll or the fast chops.
As a drummer you should change your drum heads after every six months.
However, six months is not an ideal time.
If you have been playing the drum too often lately, consider changing it even though you may have changed it four months back.
Signs that should tell you it is now the time for you to change are indents and cracks.
Be aware of the bumps in the drum heads, they may make your drum kit sound out of tune.
In this case you should immediately change.
At the end of a day also make sure that your beater is not digging a hole or dent right, where it is hitting.
There are a variety of drum heads available in the market.
However, choice is a personal matter since perception of sound differs from person to person.
You can choose from two ply, one ply, coated or non coated are just few options.
There is more availability and what you choose is entirely dictated by the sound you demand from your drum kit.
However, most of the drummers choose the ones that provide sustainability, a good quality tone, excellent durability along with a great blend of depth and attack.
A few drum heads may consist of a ring or a dot in the middle.
These are considered excellent for tonal focusing.
They also help in longevity of the drum skins by straightening the head from the middle.
This type of drum skins is mostly used in snare drums to extract a better quality of sound.
However, whatever type of drum skin you choose for your drum kit, first experiment with the variety.
Also, remember that maintenance of your drum heads is the key to great sound.

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