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Should Your Home Have White Picket Fences?

They are iconic...those white picket fences. You know the ones I mean. They surrounded the yard of the family home in every old TV shows, movies, and maybe even your own home growing up. White picket fences encapsulate a simpler time. They are an ideal - a standard we all strive to achieve. Even now, we relate white picket fences with the perfect home and the perfect life. It's amazing that a style of fencing can stir up so many profound memories and aspirations!

So, just what is it about white picket fences? They have a long history. Picket fences were used in America during the colonial era and continue to be popular today. They were originally used to outline the borders of your property and nothing more. Nowadays, however this type of fencing brings back strong waves of nostalgia for a simpler, calmer lifestyle. In today's busy and fast paced society, it is no wonder! These fences symbolize the American dream - a loving family, the perfect home, and a shiny car in the driveway. White picket fences are an enduring fencing style that can perfectly frame your home or showcase your garden.

White picket fences don't just have to be a memory or an idea. It is in fact possible to have those picture perfect white picket fences around your current home. They may represent the American dream - but they can be your reality. The great thing about white picket fences are that they bring a clean, classic, and traditional look to your yard. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from that traditional style with low lattice-work and those end posts, to taller, grander, and a little more modern privacy fencing styles. If you want to bring a little bit of old-school style to your property, add white picket fences around your home.

In the past, white picket fences were always made from wood materials. In order to keep that pristine white colour, the wood was either whitewashed or painted white. While this looked great, it required a lot of work to keep the fencing looking perfect. In general, wooden fences require an awful lot of upkeep. Weather conditions can weaken the wood, which means that it often needs maintenance. Common maintenance issues that are needed for a wooden fence include: replacing boards or pickets due to splintered wood, holes, water damage, or rotting wood, replacing loose fence posts, and reinforcing sagging wooden frames or gates. These issues can take a lot of time and money to take care of. This is why regular inspection and fence maintenance is required if you choose to use a wooden fence around your home.

Perhaps the most time consuming maintenance comes from keeping your wooden white picket fence looking, well, white! Since the colour is almost as iconic as the fence style itself, it is important that the paint isn't peeling, flaking, fading, or looks bare in certain spots. There is nothing iconic about a poorly maintained white picket fence! White picket fences are all about appearances, so you need to focus on maintaining the colour. This means that you will likely need to re-paint a few times a year, especially after those harsh winter months. So, if you choose to use a wooden white picket fence for your home, be prepared to paint it often. This is the only way to keep it looking exactly how you want.

If a wooden picket fence sounds like too much work, don't worry! There are still other options available. The most popular choice to achieve that picturesque look? Using a vinyl white picket fence. Over the years, this fencing material has grown in popularity due to the increased durability and the low amount of maintenance that it requires. It is also an environmentally friendly option, since vinyl fencing is made from recycled materials. This means that you can still be environmentally conscious and have a great looking fence!

Unlike wooden fences, vinyl fences don't have to be replaced frequently. In fact, they often last for decades without needing any repairs at all. Plus, the only maintenance they typically need is a quick spray with the garden hose to remove any built up stains from the fencing. Many homeowners like the fact that vinyl fencing doesn't require a lot of maintenance. It is much easier to care for on a regular basis. Plus, it can add to the overall aesthetic of your home. This fencing material comes in a variety of styles, including that iconic picket fencing.

If you're after a white picket fence style, then you are going to love this.... vinyl white picket fencing doesn't need to be painted. The material itself can come in many different colours, including white. This means that rather than spending your weekend carefully re-painting your white picket fences, you can enjoy some free time instead! Since vinyl white picket fences won't ever need to be painted, your home will always look great - and your fence will always be white.

Whatever material you choose for your white picket fence, whether it is wood or vinyl, choose wisely! Not only will you have to commit to any maintenance or repairs that are necessary, but it also affects the way your home looks. Remember that your fencing doesn't just determine the border of your property anymore. It is an important part of the overall curb appeal of your home. The right fencing can totally change the way your home looks. White picket fencing is a great way to add a little bit of classic flair to your home or property. If you want to bring a little bit of the American dream to the aesthetic of your home, you can't do better than a white picket fence.

Do you love white picket fences? Consider them for your home or property. If you grew up on Leave It To Beaver or My Three Sons, than white picket fences may be the perfect addition. White picket fences around your home don't just look good - they take you back to another time. This enduring fence style is about as classic as it gets.

Yaniv Kalderon knows all about Privacy Picket Fences. He works at Vinyl Picket Fences, which has installed vinyl fences all over Toronto and the GTA for over fifteen years. He brings his experience and knowledge of the industry to each and every client.

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