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Personalized Wedding Favors: Add Your Own Creativity and Fancy

Exhausted of the common wedding favors you've seen in the market or wedding catalogues? Why not design your own? Basically all wedding favors could be personalized. From DIY (Do-It-Yourself) favors to wedding theme related and so on. You can have infinite choices you'll be the one to give up. Sky is the limit, if you want to explore the possibilities of personalizing your favors.  But how could you narrow it down to suit your taste?

Personalized wedding favors can be personalized based on your particular preferences but not so distant from your wedding theme. If you and your partner are fond of coffee, you could give out black mugs with your signatures in gold paint. Or you could give out mugs with your favorite hero painted on it. If the two of you adore movies, you could send out micro compact discs with your favorite movie titles painted on it. The limit for possibilities of personalization and customization is your imagination.

Consider the probable guest list you have for your wedding. Though the wedding theme comes as your primary consideration in choosing your wedding favor, you might consider personalizing it, based on your guest list. If your guests are mostly from out of town, you could give them favors that are unique and one-of-a-kind that are found only in your town. If your guests are in for flowers, roses come first. Rose-themed wedding favors come without the thorns. And it would be a shame to be sitting among all those beautiful roses without sharing their beauty with your guests. And you can be sure guests will not only keep them forever, but bequeath them to their children and future generations. A century later, one of these favors is sure to turn up on antiques road shows–and will worth a fortune!

Stay in line with tradition. Personalized wedding favors that could be associated with the tradition such as Jordan almonds can also be considered. You could create trinket boxes with Jordan almonds inside that harmonize with your wedding colors. These trinkets should take in five pieces of Jordan almonds. These sugar coated almonds should remind your guest that married life is both bitter and sweet, and the fives wishes for the husband and wife, which is health, wealth, happiness, children and a long life. So if you wish to keep with this long-held tradition, consider giving them as wedding favors.

Customize wedding favor that could also act as an escort card. You could start to personalize these favors from bells to lollipop, or a deck of playing card. It is easy to tag these items with your guest names and table numbers. These favors are not only their guides where they are suppose to sit during the reception, but a good keep sake favor for them.

There is nothing more special to your guests than to know that you have given them wedding favors that are made especially for them, add to it the value that is the only one in the world. Your guests will be sure to appreciate your gift and remember they had a great time in your wedding, given the personalized wedding favor they got.

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