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How To Attract Women - Why Women Reject Some Guys And Not Others

I am sure that you have seen some situations where a woman will reject a guy and it does not seem to make any sense at all, and then that same woman will fall for a guy that seems to be way down on the totem pole when compared to her. We have all seen this before and it can make you kind of scratch your head and wonder, WHY?

Why is it that some guys get rejected and others do not, yet they really don't appear to be much different at all?

Well, to put it simply, one guy knows how to attract women and the other doesn't. If you feel that you are the kind of guy that usually ends up getting the shaft when it comes to dating and attracting women, you might be wondering what you are doing wrong and what you can improve on to attract women and get over the sting of rejection.

Here are some tips on how to attract women and why some guys get rejected by women and others don't:

1. Women are attracted to men that feel good about themselves.

You can almost always spot a guy that seems to feel good about himself no matter where he is and what they situation is. You have to get that inner game in check if you want to have women become easily attracted to you. And as an added bonus, it helps to easily make the rest of your life seem better as well.

2. Women are attracted to men that make THEM feel good about themselves.

However, you have to make a clear distinction between making a woman feel good about herself and just straight up sucking up to her. Sucking up to a woman seems shallow and empty and has little effect on her after a while. But, when you only hand out compliments to a woman when she deserves them, they have more meaning. And they make her feel REALLY good.

3. Women REJECT men that do not know how to play the game.

Yes, there is a game or a song and dance that kind of goes along with dating and attraction. If you do not know how to play the game right, then you are not going to walk away a winner and with the girl that you want. Sometimes experience is more than enough to be able to know exactly what to say and do, and other times, leveraging the experience of others can help you make much quicker progress.

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