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2 Tried-and-True Positions to Make Her Orgasm - These Erotic Moves Work For Any Woman, Any Time!

It's a well known fact that most women do not climax via intercourse.
The reason is simple: insufficient stimulation on the hot spots.
As well, their partners do not last long enough before they cross the finish line.
Unfortunately for these ladies, as orgasm achieved during penetrative sex is insanely pleasurable.
The good news is: it doesn't take a genius to get started.
Read on as we reveal the proven moves to push your woman over the edge easily.
The Up Shift:
in the old-fashioned missionary position, the woman lies on her back with the man thrusting in half-kneeling position.
Before you assume in this pose, put a hard cushion under her back to raise the pelvis up.
While rocking, move your body slightly upward so that your rock hard member is directly above her orgasm power house, the clitoris.
That way, you can devote maximum friction on the pleasure spot to open up a whole new orgasmic world! Hint: to flake her out, you will want to alternate shallow and deep penetration randomly.
This helps to create tension and build up momentum for the big "O".
The Full Press
: this position is performed with her lying on a kitchen table.
As you stand in between her legs, your groin should have direct contact with the vaginal path.
Else, you can put pillows under her hips to create better angle.
That way, you will have excellent leverage, and it makes you less vulnerable to premature ejaculation.
Next, she crosses her legs at the ankles before you find your way from front.
The super deep penetration will allow you to hit hard-to-reach spots, thus increase her likelihood of peaking.

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