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How to Win a Weekly NFL Knockout Pool

    • 1). Learn what type of knockout pool you are in. Some knockout pools allow you to predict any NFL games you wish. Others force you to eventually pick each team once before you can begin to make any repeat predictions. To find out the rules for the knockout pool, speak to the person in charge of it.

    • 2). Know about the best and worst teams in the NFL. The easiest way to do this is to follow the league each week. Watch games and stay updated on the standings. Being informed will prevent you from making any stupid picks which will greatly increase your chances of being eliminated from the knockout pool.

    • 3). Keep updated on news around the league during the week. Perhaps a team's best player has been listed as “doubtful” for Sunday's game. If you don't know this information, you may mistakenly pick that team to win. Watch NFL shows on sports channels and read news reports online each day to stay in the know.

    • 4). Listen to which teams the experts are picking. If every expert is predicting that New England is going to dominate, you probably shouldn't pick New England's opponent that week. The experts aren't always right, but if over 90 percent of them are picking the same team to win a game, you should probably listen.

    • 5). Pick one “upset” during the week. Look at the latest line in your newspaper or online and find games that are anywhere between .5 and 1.5 points. Choose the underdog to win one of those games. Remember that not every favorite team wins during an NFL week. By picking these upsets, you can stay alive during your knockout pool.

    • 6). Submit your picks as late as you possibly can. NFL head coaches usually don't set their depth charts until game day. If a player is a late scratch, that could greatly affect your picks. By waiting until the end of the week, you can read up on the match-ups and make the smartest selections. This will help prevent any second guessing after you've handed in your predictions for the week.

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